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Sempre amai questo lago or fosco ed ora morbido, come azzurro vel di seta.
Luigi Pirandello, Poesie Sparse, 1896

Already in the 19th Century during his stay, the noted writer Luigi Pirandello celebrated the beauty of the Lake of Lugano in a homonymous poem. Today, the historic Splendide Royal welcomes its guests by offering them a beautiful view of the lake, Mount San Salvatore, and Mount Brè.

Enjoy the elegance, discrete luxury, and magic atmosphere of the Hotel Splendide Royal. Its staff, always attentive to the needs of his guests, preserves the traditional hospitality of the past while offering an innovative service.

defribrillatore in hotelOUR HOTEL IS EQUIPPED

The Restaurant La Veranda, with its spectacular view of Lake Ceresio, serves a light Italian cuisine and delicious dishes, such as the flambé specialties prepared directly at the guest’s table.

The nature and the lake are a constant and inspiring presence, with their sounds and scents that are in perfect harmony with the delicate flavours of the refined cuisine served by our hotel.