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At the Hotel Splendide Royal each instant benefits from the royal grandeur of the décor. All at your service behave perfectly by adjusting their moves and replies to your own mood and expectations. In the breakfast room this simple sophistication also prevail. You are waited on as gracefully and friendly as you wish. The four high columns frame the grand table of all earthly delights: nourishing food and excellent beverages.

This is not a Jerome Bosch painting!

In the twentieth century, clichés prevailed. In Paris you had your coffee and croissants, in London your tea and oatmeal, in New York your scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, in Oslo shrimps and salmon on smörbrod.

In Lugano, today all worlds meet. Your inner Parisian or Londoner or New Yorker or Scandinavian as pictured by Hollywood will be satisfied. Your fresh salmon has been prepared backstage, the shine and smoothness of your scrambled eggs would be impossible without the efforts of local hens, the flour and butter of your croissants are produced locally, the tea. Well, the Alps are not the Himalayas yet. Take mint tea. Mint leaves are fresh and grew in a nearby garden.

You are in Lugano. Would you know more about the local fare? Breads are hand made, preserves are elaborated by Domenico from fruits picked up in Ticinese orchards, three kind of local honey…More. No. You must have the pleasure of the discovery.

You are a famous tennis player: You do not eat gluten. Breakfast is served and your diet keeps uninterrupted. They thought about you. You are a famous blogger and you want only rice milk or soya milk. Yes, you can.

The weather is warm and sunny. All tables are then dressed on the Terrace. You can hear the gentle flutter of waves rippling along the shores of the Lake. You can see the silvery texture of the water turning to gold when the sun rises higher and higher over the sharp peaks of the Alps. Marcello Mastroianni had breakfast there, just there, years ago but La Dolce Vita still reigns supreme. You are staying at the Hotel Splendide Royal. It is Royal Breakfast time.

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  • Swiss Flair and Italian Verve

    Experience our Maserati Quattroporte. Breakfast included. Free cancellation until 24h prior to the arrival.

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  • Romantic Getaway

    Breakfast included. Free cancellation until 24h prior to the arrival.

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  • Special 2018 Spring Rate - Non-Refundable

    Buffet breakfast included. Cancellation 24 hours.

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  • Picasso. A different gaze

    Entrance tickets and catalogue of the Pablo Picasso exhibition. Rich breakfast included and free cancellation 24 hours before arrival date

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