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The concept

A holistic approach on wellbeing

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.” (Jana Kingsford)

An ever-changing world and a fast-paced environment where people have so much to do.
This is today, an era where time has become a rare commodity.

With all this agitation, internal stability has never been so important.
And this is what it is all about: finding balance in life. It is understood for some, while others may need some guidance —but it can be achieved by all.

The Splendide Lifestyle Spa accompanies its guests along this path. Through a holistic journey, guests will find the grounds and methods to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

This vital equilibrium is the approach on which the Splendide Lifestyle Spa bases its foundations. To support guests achieving this state of balance, the Lifestyle Spa has developed its very own compass, identifying four unique cardinals: Mind, Body, Soul and Energy.

The Mind will help reaching a state of serenity through meditation and yoga sessions, under the expert guidance of the Spa professionals.

The Body will build strength and release toxins with physical exercise, at the pool and with the latest equipment at the Gym.

The Soul will be nourished with positive emotions, through sensorial rituals and regenerating massages.

The Energy will be provided by healthy meals and drinks, designed by the nutritionist and prepared only with natural ingredients.

With this approach, a person is considered as a whole and its entire being is nurtured to reach balance.

The guidance from Splendide Lifestyle Spa’s cardinals allows its qualified professionals to provide the guests with absolute support, whether it is for a spontaneous session during a short visit to Lugano or for a path of growth to follow during a longer time frame.

The Environment
Vertical gardens bring a serene atmosphere to the entire ground floor, adding calmness to the Spa experience. The materials chosen to build this heaven of peace have been carefully selected to provide a sense of harmony with nature.

Black stones are elegantly disposed in the showers and all the way to the Steam Bath. There, a star lighted ambiance will help anyone to soothe the thoughts. The warmth of the wooden Sauna and its natural scents will add on to the much-desired tension release and purification.

In the fitness and the treatment area, natural light is spread throughout the Lifestyle Spa with grand glass walls. The Gym is equipped with the latest technology, to be used while contemplating the vertical gardens and the calming waterfalls.

The experience can be taken a level up, where the panoramic swimming pool lays. Here the views on Lake Lugano are just majestic and one can only feel humbled by the natural beauty.

The guests can take it all-in at the pool, in the Jacuzzi or laying in the sun on the soft grassed terrace, breathing the pure air of the Swiss Alpine foothills.

It is again all about balance and it is there that anyone will likely reach a state of inner harmony.

The Service
With the opening and addition of this state-of-the-art Spa, the Hotel Splendide Royal is embracing the grandeur of the 19th Century Palazzo with a contemporary space dedicated to wellbeing, thus evolving into a unique Swiss-Mediterranean urban resort.

From a simple hairdo to a modern styling or haircut, the Splendide Lifestyle Spa works closely with a renowned hair stylist.

The latest technology and the finest products have been selected for guests to enhance their appearance and enjoy the expertise of the Spa specialists.

The savoir faire of the Lifestyle Spa dedicated team will ensure the guests with a modern approach for the care of their hands and feet, with the exclusive use of non-toxic products.

The Lifestyle Spa professionals have elaborated depilation methods which will make skin as smooth as silk when applying their delicate know-how.

The Splendide Lifestyle Spa works closely with renowned partners, such as Dr. Giovanni Barco, a prominent Swiss aesthetician, who is available for consultation on appointment.
With his expertise he assists the guests with a variety of medical beauty treatments.

Expertise is essential when it comes to massages and body treatments. The Lifestyle Spa talented professionals have got a unique capacity of sensing the individual needs of every person. The specific advice offered to the guests guides them through the choice of treatments and enhances their wellbeing.

Lifestyle Spa Professionals
The specialised team of professionals at Splendide Lifestyle Spa has been selected for their exceptional knowledge and passion. Their expertise and bright personalities contribute significantly to the overall experience. Working closely with the guests they find the best combination of Spa programs, fitness sessions and nutritional plans to help find balance and achieve the desired health and lifestyle goals.


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