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“We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”


For some time now, the Splendide has begun to undertake tangible commitments in order to be able to offer its contribution to environmental issues, and it is working on various projects to review the hotel’s present and the future, step by step. The decision to invest time and resources into its own Sustainability Programme stems from the awareness that the Hotel can also play a part in the green cause, by making its own local contribution and pursuing the goal of creating a Splendide that is increasingly tinged with green.

Each individual action within this multi-year plan has the ultimate goal of reducing the Splendide’s ecological footprint to reshape its offer to guests, with a view to eco-sustainability that can serve as encouragement for other organisations driven by the same goal.
The commitment that the Splendide is making for future generations has thus been transformed into a full-time job, a mission has taken on at least the same priority as that of hospitality.
Making sustainable and innovative choices, becoming promoters of a new way of traveling and experiencing the local area: the hotel’s mission is composed of many everyday challenges that it faces on a daily basis.

The project is organic and actively involves the Splendide’s “body, mind and soul” :
the building is evolving, and its equipment is becoming increasingly cutting-edge with a view to drastically reducing emissions. There are new equipment, new systems, new technologies and even new spaces for an important expansion project with an even greener outlook. In fact, a future-oriented version of the Splendide is under construction which will keep the historic charm of the Hotel intact today while moving towards highly reduced emissions in the next few years.
the Splendide team, in turn, is already an integral part of the mission, being oriented towards a more ethical direction that empowers individuals and leads them to participate in the project with daily actions in keeping with its green philosophy, also thanks to an on-going training plan. The supply chain and the local context obviously also play an important role.
– the guests, the true soul of the Splendide, are also part of this mission. By promoting a new way of staying in and experiencing the area, the Hotel will accompany visitors as they move towards more conscious behaviours, transforming their stays into refined but low-impact experiences. At the Splendide, there are packages and promotions aimed at reviewing waste habits, guiding guests towards greater sensitivity in relation to their own environmental footprint and offering the possibility of a “carbon neutral” stay.

The Splendide has drawn up a programmatic manifesto, which lists the commitments it has made today and for the coming few years. Transparency is an integral part of this project, because it guarantees a constant exchange with the community and with guests, building a direct line between the objectives and results, working towards an ever greener Splendide.

What we do: commitment

To reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible, we have identified five areas of action on which we are working and will continue to work by setting ourselves progressive and constant objectives.

1. NATURE, beauty to be preserved
The landscape is everyone's heritage, from guests looking out from the Splendide's balconies to the exotic lands of distant countries. In order to preserve this gift, we must adopt behaviours that serve as small drops that, when put together, have the strength of an ocean. It's not about replacing a single straw or using a sheet of recycled paper, but rather it's the mindset that makes the difference. By preserving the wonderful nature of the Gulf of Lugano, we are also making sure we will protect the future of the younger generations. As part of the architectural design that will bring the Splendide to life again, which is currently underway, green spaces and vertical gardens are also being created to offer hospitality that is even more in contact with nature.
2. ENERGY: less and less, cleaner and cleaner!
Optimise, renew and reduce, but also incentivise savings. When we talk about energy, our commitment is tangible and very concrete, moreover it has already been active for some time and is constantly evolving and improving. Behind the scenes of our hotel, as well as on the main stage, we pursue the goal of reducing energy consumption every day. Only one exception is allowed: the incentive to use electric vehicles is a personal commitment to us and also involves our guests.
3. WATER, protecting a resource
Within our sustainability plan, various actions are centred around water: fighting waste, raising awareness of reducing consumption and also prevention of pollution. One of the most important is our on-going proposal for guests to stay in the Green Rooms, which now represent a standard and no longer an exception. This guarantees a reduction in CO2 emissions, as well as a considerable water savings thanks to the reduction of consumption for washing linen.
4. EMISSIONS AND WASTE, turning a problem into an opportunity
Transforming a problem into an opportunity: this is the guiding principle that inspires our waste management. Our widespread recycling also involves the guests, resulting in ever-increasing volumes, and the use of anaerobic management machinery transforms food waste into fertiliser for growing vegetables. Emissions are also limited through sophisticated heating systems that use the nearby water from the lake.
5. SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT, a commitment to others
Our environmental commitment is joined and combined with a social one, which sees us act both locally and internationally. While on the one hand we favour local producers and suppliers, impacting less and less on long transports and ethically supporting the local community with concrete actions, on the other hand we are also continuing work on the Splendide Shamba project, the farm built by our hotel in Kenya to contribute to economic independence of the local community.

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