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About us

The values of the company

Roberto Naldi Collection is inspired by these values:

To be oneself in all situations, in the knowledge that without the contribution of managers and employees it will not be possible to attain predetermined outcomes. Everyone has the opportunity to freely express their thoughts directly, fully respecting the opinions of others and with an attitude that is honest, polite and constructive. At Roberto Naldi Collection work is undertaken through initiative, commitment and motivation. Everyone strives to be an example to others.

Corporate Culture
The Group’s corporate culture is based on innovative ideas that entail everyone being involved and contributing to the corporate mission, as well as adding to the conviction that service excellence is measured not just by standards and procedures, but by initiative and commitment. Everyone is fully aware that each individual role is crucial, irrespective of whether one comes into direct contact with guests or one is working behind the scenes. The conduct of every single employee influences the image and reputation of the company as a whole.

HR Development
Roberto Naldi Collection is aware of how vital it is to gain the confidence of its own employees and so it is committed to contributing to their continued development and training. Everyone’s accountability and assiduousness makes it possible to achieve performances of excellence that will impact positively on the guests’ experience.

Customising the service
Roberto Naldi Collection is convinced that the process of customising a service begins even before guests arrive at the hotel. This is done by identifying the reasons for their visit, right from the very moment of the booking. In this way it is possible to adapt the offer to meet individual needs, offering a range of options and services that will guarantee a tailored experience. The service is based on understanding guests’ requirements and it is achieved by training employees to be able to anticipate needs before they are even expressed. This is done in order to instil a perception of care and attention that will render the experience of the stay unique as well as provide unforgettable memories.The hotels also reflect the architectural style and the characteristics of their surroundings, emphasising the local experience of the guests and strengthening the link with the setting in which they are located.


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