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Roberto Naldi Collection is a tradition of hospitality that dates from the nineteen forties and fifties, and one that lives on to this day in the form of Roberto Naldi, the Group’s President.

Of Neapolitan origins and with a degree in business and economics, Roberto Naldi grew up in the world of hotels. His grandfather, Roberto Fernandes, started the business by building hotels in Naples and Rome during the 1950s, and he was succeeded by Roberto’s father, Engineer Giovanni Naldi. Having completed his University studies, Roberto moved to Lugano in 1977 to attend Hotel Management College. This was also the year in which his father bought the Splendide Royal, followed by the Grand Hotel Eden, which he acquired in 1984.During his years in Switzerland he spent a lot of time at the Splendide and came into daily contact with a world that was eventually to become his professional working environment.

In 1985 he founded Roberto Naldi Hotels, with the Parco dei Principi and the two hotels in Lugano. In 2001 he bought the Splendide Royal in Rome, a former monastery that had been converted into a luxury hotel. In 2008 Roberto Naldi Hotel felt a strong calling to strengthen the synergies between the individual hotels and strengthen still further the positioning of the brand, which was increasingly being considered as understated luxury.

A true strategy of brand identity that was to mark a new chapter for the Group, which then became Roberto Naldi Collection.

A further stage in the Group’s ongoing expansion came in 2012, with the opening of the Hotel Mancino 12 in Rome. Over the years, Roberto Naldi has required each and every hotel to have its own identity, managing to successfully merge the establishment’s inherent characteristics with Collection’s values.

A long tradition of hospitality that is destined to continue and grow still further with his sons, Giovanni and Adele, to whom Roberto Naldi has passed on his great passion for the world hotels.


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