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The hotel and its history

The hotel and its history 4
Late 1800s

The palace of the Ludovisi-Boncompagni family

The building housing the Hotel Splendide Royal Roma is built at the end of the 19th century, as residence of the noble Ludovisi-Boncompagni family. The dynasty originated in 1681 out of the union between the princess Ippolita Ludovisi, belonging to a family of the Bolognese nobility, and Duke Gregorio II Boncompagni, great-grandson of Pope Gregory XIII.

The original property was very vast: at that time, the wing where today is the hotel housed a guest-house, used for the reception of guests, while the lobby was a carriage storage.

The hotel and its history 5

From noble palace to monastery

With the advent of Fascism and the abolition of noble titles, the palace changes ownership and is divided into different separate buildings (from that moment on, they will follow separate paths). The building now housing the hotel is left to the Maronites religious community, who turn it into a monastery.

The hotel and its history 6

A dream is born: the Hotel Splendide Royal Roma

The Hotel Splendide Royal Roma was born in 2001, when Dr. Roberto Naldi from Roberto Naldi Collection acquires the building and decides to refurbish a part of the monastery to make it a 5-star hotel. He chooses to name it “Splendide Royal Roma” to recall the name of his family’s hotel in Lugano, the Hotel Splendide Royal Lugano, an historical monument in Switzerland.

The renovation works shape a new facility, enriched by classical-style architectural elements, with coffered ceilings, wooden furnishings handmade by Venetian master craftsmen, Louis XVI style lights and Murano glass chandeliers, while maintaining previous elements such as the facade’s original frescoes and friezes.

The hotel and its history 7

A new era: the Splendide Boutique

Exactly twenty years after its opening, the hotel decides to resume and expand the former renovation project with a new substantial intervention: all of the original rooms are renovated together with the award-winning Mirabelle gourmet restaurant, while the amazing Adèle terrace, with a 360° view over Rome, and the Splendide Boutique, advocate of an innovative hospitality concept, are inaugurated. This latest wing of the hotel includes sixteen new suites embellished by marble, parquet and modern furnishings, daring expression of contemporary luxury.