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Luca Costanzi

Our F&B Manager

" When I see the restaurant full in the evenings, as I watch the staff move about the room like a finely tuned orchestra, our dishes being enjoyed by guests who close their eyes with pleasure, Rome offering herself as the brilliant setting of a scene in which the personnel of the Mirabelle moves about flawlessly… when I see all of this I realise my team and I have done a good job. The strong point of the Mirabelle is the team of experts that has worked here for many years. Thanks to this project that has been carried through with conviction and determination, every evening we see people from all over the world come to dine, and every evening we behave as though it is the first time for us too. It’s a bit like the magic created by the film La Dolce Vita, we put Rome at the centre of the scene and we gather strength from her most noble spirit. "

Luca Costanzi